Weekly Shows

The Monday Funday Show

Monday Funday

Join Genewa and Moltyn every Monday as they kick off the the new week with special guest's and topics of the day. 10PM

The Dirty Dorothy Show

Dirty Dorothy

You're definitely not in Kansas any more. Join Dirty Dorthy and her cast of amazing performers every Saturday at 10PM. You never know whats going to happen next..

Karaoke With Moltyn Decadence

Karaoke W/Moltyn Decadence

Join Moltyn every Tuesday and Thursday at 10PM and Sunday's at 12:30AM and get your sing on. Your favorite pop hits, classics even broadway and country.

The Flo Show

Flo Show

Join the entertaining and outrageous Flo and guest every Sunday Night for the fun, antics, and music. 10PM

The Chit Chat Show

Chit Chat Show

Join us on Wednesdays at 10PM For
The Chit Chat Show, with Dorothy, Daisy and Genewa. It's like "The View" with shots. They have special guests each week.

The Fabulous Friday Show

Fabulous Friday

Kick off your weekend with the Fabulous Friday Show, with regular host, Daisy, Flo and an special guest host for a fun and entertaining way to get your weekend started. Special guest each week. 10PM

Featured & Upcoming Shows

LNT The Dykes Of Hazzaed

The Dykes Of Hazzard

We are thrilled to announce our second show of the season!
Dykes of Hazzard!
Late Night Theatre is bringing back the ALL Female Troupe for Dirty, Fun, and PORK RINDS.
The Dyke Girls are in Trouble! Someone has stolen the General Roberta Lee, and they need to make a moonshine run! Will The Butch Boss Hog destroy their plans? Will there be a car chase? Will Daisy Duke sing in cut off shorts? You just need to TUNE In to our show to find out!!!
Stasha Case as BoAnn Dyke
Katie Gilchrist as Luke Dyke
Ashley Personett As Daisy Dyke!!!
Shannon Michalski aka Shan Bear as the EVIL BOSS HOGG!!!
Jessica Dressler as Rita P. Coltrane
Annie Cherry as the lovable Aunt Jessie!!!
The Dykes return May 5th.
Tickets have gone on sale at : latenighttheatre.com